Welcome to the home of knowledge in the metaverse

academie continentale

The temple
of pedagogy

The Academy is an institution
of The Winkyverse that brings
together all the content,
knowledge and wisdom of the
past, present and future.

Why the Winkyverse Academy?


Pedagogy at the heart of the metaverse

Knowledge is the forgotten part of the metaverse.

This is why we are developing The Winkyverse Academy. A pillar of pedagogy,
it brings together in a single virtual place all of humanity's learning
domains and an
international community of experts involved in The Winkyverse.


Much more than a school

A combination of museum, library and agora, the Academy is a true temple of knowledge.

It is a universal media library with books, videos, podcasts, master classes, workshops, etc.

Learning is fun, immersive, and interactive thanks to new technologies, far beyond traditional lecturing.


Unlimited knowledge

All the disciplines are interlinked by their different branches, forming a great Tree of Knowledge.

Each subject develops freely and infinitely.

Discover the personalised content that suits you!


An Academy run by robots

Biblibots are in charge of managing the academies.

Visitors are welcomed by these Biblibots who guide them through the available content and encourage them in their learning.


The Academy for everyone

Students, teachers, creators of educational content, everyone has a place in
The Winkyverse Academy, whatever their level.

You receive rewards (badges, trophies) as you learn or teach: learning and
sharing knowledge is rewarded!

What forms does the Academy take?

The Winkyverse Academy is spread across The Winkyverse at different scales:

personal academy

The Personal Academy

These are the Winkynauts' Personal Academies. They are available to all users
who wish to propose experiences or educational content. These Personal Academies contain the original creations of each Winkynaut
and all the knowledge he or she has acquired during their travels. Landowners
can grant access to visitors of their choice.

regional academy

At regional level:
Regional Academies

The Regional Academies are dedicated to our partners and address a specific
theme or subject (math, robotics, blockchain...) depending on their specialties
and educational direction.
Often set up on the back of the Animal Cities, they can also host temporary

continental academy

At the heart of the Biome:
The Grand Winkyverse Academy

Structured like a massive campus, it is made up of large, open, theme-based buildings. Winkynauts have access to all the content discovered in the Biome, as well as to exclusive content, curated and distributed by the robots. It also accommodates the Academic Council (DAO).

To learn and teach what?

Within The Winkyverse Academy, different genres of content and topics are available, providing a wealth of information and knowledge.

There are two main families of content:

Academic content

  • check_markDeveloped by the Academy's experts (Mainbot, schools, partners...).
  • check_markCreated by the Winkynaut experts and validated by the Academic Council.
  • check_markThis content will focus on technical skills and scientific, literary, artistic and life skills (emotional, relational and cognitive intelligence).
  • check_mark It will be available in the form of videos, books, masterclasses, games and conferences.

Content created by Winkynauts
(User Generated Content)

  • check_mark This is content created by users.
  • check_markThis content will be moderated and must follow the ethics guidelines.
  • check_markThe best content will be promoted and validated by a committee of experts.
academic status